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Corps Volatils - Encapsulated Sun 100% Synthese (taske str.) 🧬 Beskrivelse: Bicyclononalactone, IFF molecule, or octaHydroCoumarine is synthesized from Coumarin, by a catalytic hydrogenation reaction exerted at high temperature. Coumarin is a natural organic aromatic substance. Coumarin takes its name from kumarú, Cayenne guaiac in Native American style, giving the tonka bean. Coumarin was one of the first aromatic syntheses made in the late 19th century (1868), marking a turning point in the history of synthetic perfumes and aromas. Bicyclononalactone is used in fine perfumery in fern fragrances. It brings to the perfumes notes of fig, coconut, white and heady flowers, vanilla, amber facets. Byd gerne - kan enten afhentes i Aarhus C eller sendes på købers regning 📮💌
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