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Helt ny i emballage og med ubrudt forsegling Prisen er fast While cold water therapy might be all the rage, submerging your entire body might be a little too much to bear. Thankfully, Odacité's latest creation brings your complexion all the benefits of cryo-therapy, but without the complete shock to your body. The Cryo-Tech Facial Tool harnesses Terahertz, a powerful stone that swiftly becomes ice-cold when dipped in cool water, resulting in a rejuvenated complexion. To activate Cryo-Technology, simply dip either end in iced water for 30 seconds. Always start with clean skin. This double-ended Terahertz tool offers a bead side & a flat side that can be used in many different ways: BEAD SIDE: ACNE-PRONE SKIN: Enhance your spot treatment by holding the ice-chilled bead to your pimple for 30 seconds. The cold will reduce the appearance of redness and puffy-looking skin EYE AREA PUFFINESS / DARK CIRCLES: Maximize the benefits of your Eye Serum by massaging the ice-chilled bead around each eye contour for 30 seconds. The cold will visibly reduce puffiness and under eye circles. FACIAL TENSIONS: If your face/jaw is tight from a stressful day, this tool can help release that tension. Using light to medium pressure, stimulate the beauty points of the face by pressing the ice-chilled tool to each point for 3 seconds. FLAT SIDE: DULL & TIRED COMPLEXION: Apply a facial oil with a good glide. Use the ice-chilled flat end, following the Gua Sha diagram included to support lymphatic drainage, lessen the appearance of pores, stimulate circulation, and to bring a radiant glow to the skin's surface. SAGGING SKIN & SIGNS OF AGING: Apply a facial oil with a good glide. Use the ice-chilled flat end, following the Gua Sha diagram included to firm and sculpt the face, lessen the appearance of wrinkles and create a more youthful glow that you'll notice immediately! Start on the side of the neck. Following the Gua Sha diagram included, repeat each stroke 5-10 times on one side of the face traveling up until you reach the forehead. Duplicate on the other sid
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